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Seasonal Market

~Sempre nei nostri cuori~

To our dearest life-long friends & co-workers 



  What an amazing journey!
From fortuitous, humble beginnings over 30 years ago in Freeport, Bahamas to the Dominican Republic,
St Maarten to Athens and to amazing years in the piazzas of Italy (Pisa, Tirrenia, Pescara, Livorno, & Rome).
We've had the privilege of working with some of the finest vendors, creators, growers & musicians
(and of course the world's best espresso coffee makers)
at our marketplace and music/cultural projects around the world.
And now the journey continues...   

We are now entirely based near our home in MIAMI/FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, USA.
We hope you'll come see us here someday 
Always in our hearts. Sempre nei nostri cuori. Stay passionate.  
Wishing you, your friends and families love, good health, happiness and continued success. 
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